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Business "How to's"


Using the cPanel Option


Most domain name registars functionality are very similar, in this case we are

showing you "How To" utilize BrandXHosting.com's cPanel set up.


You simply need to enter your domain name that you have purchased into the URL bar,

also called the location or address bar and add /cpanel to the end of it, this comes after the .com

(See the example below)


http://www.Example101.com/cpanel (replacingExample101.comwith your actual domain name)





Use your "Actual" domain name that you have purchased to access your cPanel


If you are using BrandXHosting and you’d like to use the cPanel option, then you need to go to . http://www.Example101.com/cpanel (replacingExample101.comwith your actual domain name) You’ll need to log into your control panel using the password and username that you set up when you signed up for your hosting account.


You can also directly “Log In” to your account at BrandXHosting.com and mouse over “WEB HOSTING” and then click “My Hosting Accounts” located in the dropdown menu and now click “Manage” next to “WEB HOSTING”. You can now “Manage” your cPanel.



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